Cafe Atlantique / Milan

Fashionable Cafe Atlantique - one of the most luxurious and the most prestigious locations in Milan. Design as all establishments and restaurants, a bar and a disco, in particular, is consistent with the general pathos of the club. As they say, a full hi-tech! Beautifully rich. It is clear that among the visitors Cafe Atlantique mostly affluent and wealthy Milanese, and guests of the city. Often the entrance is rolled limousines and other luxury cars. 

The audience, of course, mottled, and therefore the music in the club sounds very different: for example, on Saturday in the three halls of the play and commercial hits, and hip-hop, and R & B. But always one thing - every Wednesday after 2200 and hosts live concerts.

This night club in Milan - a very pathetic place, perhaps the most prestigious in Milan. There is a restaurant and a disco bar. The style of music can be anything, on Wednesdays - a live performance. Admission prices start at 10 euros. Attention: face control!

For a memorable evening here's Café Atlantique, the local cult of the "plaisir night." A myriad of "ByblOscar" has the best winning club, the best one night "New York Bar. " Café Atlantique was also awarded as the best club of Italy winning the Diamond Award in 2004. Awarded as "Best Local Italian" by: Nightwave, fair Italian nightlife, from Bar Journal, Bybloscar, Night Time, Outside House, Trend Disco, with countless other awards. 

Café Atlantique offers multifaceted location with high performance logistics and technology that lends itself perfectly to the creation of private events, corporate,film, television, fashion show, press conference, with support magistrale of their service. Café Atlantique, location poly-entertainment: 1.500 sqm developed on same plane. A new garden area, halls, rooms and private room dominated by historical and chandelier immense high-tech fiber optics. A riot of dramatic and musical atmosphere, the moon glow on white velar, on furniture and silver blue ocean suggest that intense emotions and enveloping. Characterize creative menu choices, our chef offers picturesque courses for eyes and palate refined.

Location: Citta Studi, Viale Umbria 42
Tel.: 335 5437954, 349 3100130, 199 111 111
Input: € 10, Friday and Saturday - € 20 (including a drink)

FC / DC: strict face control

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