NightClub Alkatraz / Milano

At first glance, of course, the club is not impressive, with a mean machine-building workshop or shed, though, and after reconstruction. So, the name of the institution, consonant with the name of the famous prison "Alcatraz" is justified. But this stuff, young people of Milan and the whole neighborhood here implies the other. Namely - the two dance floors, live performances rock bands, sometimes the world level. 

The chip Alcatraz - excellent sound, according to experts, the best in Milan. And it's worth it. And therefore, at the entrance to the club - the intricate turns on Fridays and Saturdays. It should be noted that Alcatraz is not confined to purely rock music and aesthetics. On Wednesday fans flocking here melodies and rhythms of the inhabitants of the Caribbean. Apparently, many Milanese liking exciting songs on the other side of the ocean. Well, the guests always support it ...

They beggin with a havymetal show. After it becomes a nightclub with pop and rock hits. Doesn't have the brand obsession of most places in Milan. Good place to be.The alcatraz is a large covered north of Milan, which is used for many different types of events: concerts, disco nights, presentations. The space can accommodate up to 200 people.

Easy to reach from all over the north of Milan to Lecco and Como, only real problem is the parking, missing, although there is a special parking lot is too small for the needs of the room.Avoid the smoking area after 1 or 2 becomes a kind of gas chamber. The space is very amplio the price at Friday and Saturday accessible.

Address: Via Valtellina 25, 20157 Milano (metro Turati, then by bus. 41)
Tel.: +39 02.690.163.52
Opening hours: 20.30 - 04.00
Login: normally € 6-10 (women - men), but it happens and € 30! For example, a concert of Swedish rock band Europe.

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