NightClub City / Chisinau

At night all around takes on a different meaning, giving a unique sense of exhilarating freedom. I would like to trot off away from the monotony of everyday life and chilling sense of commitment and be in the world of beauty, goodness and overwhelming love. You want to be free and to be dissolved in the world of music and sounds? Challenge yourself Feel the rhythm of the city at night! Be in the City on top!

Mysterious black and red seductive awaken in you a sense of hitherto nevodomye. Red - beckons, awakens passion, madness and pushes for energises. Black - is intriguing and hides many secrets as the night itself. That's what created the interior City NightClub - only black and red, but the mystery and passion. But each party makes its own rules, and City filled with new meaning, becoming a stage where an overnight change of the scenery, costumes and mood. Forget about everything, just do what your body wants, brimming with energy and light music.

A huge dance floor will make you forget about the problems, requiring only one - the perpetual motion! Trust him and you will know the absolute freedom!
NightClub City - a mirror image of all the important events of the city, City Club - this is the very heart of Chisinau night!

NightClub City -  city where everything is subordinated to your secret desires and cherished dreams! 

Phone: +373 69 13 52 00
Address: Chisinau, 31 August 1989, 117.

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