Oxygen Club / London

A breath of fresh air on Leicester Square. Oxygen Club Award nominated London bars and clubs as the most stylish club in 2007. Occupying more than three floors, Oxygen has everything you need for a magical night: stylish terrace, allowing basking in the rays of afternoon sun, a cool roomy bar and dance hall. The atmosphere in the club excites and electrifies. There are three very different but equally enticing bars to suit all tastes with a huge selection of cocktails.

Oxygen is designed to resemble a townhouse and is set across three different floors, each with views over London's famous Leicester Square. There is a chilled lounge bar inside the club and a large cocktail menu, as well as a range of alcoholic and soft drinks available. Various theme nights and events are held here throughout the week. 

I was with a company that has decided to save and pecked at the proposal of the "greeters". We got there at 5 pounds. At first I was terribly landed. There were two floors: the first was a small place and play radio EvropaPlyus with all its bright mtveshnimi hits on the second floor of the music does not play, there is even a light was on in the room. But the nation was falling and brings down the club for 12 hours. I thought - well, they can not all be fools. Then he found the descent to the basement, where it all happened!)) There was a Hells house, from which I endured at the ceiling

Address: 17-18 Irving Street Leicester Square London WC2H 7AZ;
Tel.: 0207 930 0907
Website: www.oxygenbar.co.uk 
FC / DC: + 18. Make the effort to look sexy. No shoes, sportswear, sweatshirts and hats.
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri: 16.00 till the last guest, Fri-Sat 06.00-03.00, Sun: 16.00-00.30

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