NightClub Berghain / Berlin

Berghain (Friedrichshain, Berlin), the place music lovers from all over the world are trying to get to, was opened on the spot of another popular club, Ostgut, famous for its bad reputation. The music is techno on the Berghain floor with DJs like Dettmann, Adam Beyer and Joseph Capriati. You can buy drinks for good price approximatively 13 euro. Nevertheless, there are some conditions. If you are a walk-buy tourist, the door policy will not let you in. You can do everything you want and you can see there half-naked people having sex (mostly gays), consuming drugs, etc. Everyone who has been in Berghain at least once, remembered that it is very dark inside. So, atmosphere and great music will take away desire to go home.

Before the January 2003, while Ostgut existed, there were fetishists staged an orgy in the so-called "dark room", but in 2004 on the site of a depraved club opened quite a decent place. Minimalistic design Berghain is consistent with the spirit of the parties taking place here.

Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain
Tel.: 030 29 36 February 10
FC / DC: yes
Average price: $ 10-30

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  1. I love dancing and when it comes for parties, I am the one who can dance whole night alone. This night club is looking same as like best dance club nyc, we are a group of 6 girls, who visit every Saturday night in dance club just to enjoy dance and drinks. Great music just takes away our desire to go home back.