NightClub Nasa / Copenhagen

Danish nightclub NASA - is an elite institution of Copenhagen. It was created for the elite of society - politicians and celebrities, rich people who are in secular circles and society.The club is designed as a NASA spacecraft cabin, which can be seen from the movie 60s. Furniture, doorways and mirror frames are rounded along the walls of rooms are leather sofas, lots of neon lights, lamps and plastic parts with light-colored decor. Deposited on the surface of the mirror neon patterns that glow in the dark.

At the entrance of the establishment NASA placed a large aquarium in which a Japanese carp swimming snow white. The club has two NASA cocktail bar where you can try a variety of drinks. Soul music in the style does not sound loud enough to be able to hear each other. There is a small dance floor. The club NASA created a lovely intimate atmosphere.

Everything is white, I mean totally white. The floor, the ceiling the bars, the restrooms. Even the fish are white. And on top of that its built to resemble a space station. The girls are beautiful the boys are beautiful, even the DJ was beautiful. We were there in summertime and it did get quite hot I must say and a tad expensive compared to the States, But hey, I guess you get what you pay for. Forget about bringing your camera cos they dont like you taking pictures in there. Totally recommend this place but make sure you bring your Platimum American express!!

Address: Gothersgade 8 ° F, 1123 Copenhagen, Denmark
Hours: Friday and Saturday

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