NightClub Scala / London

Nightclub Scala - London, this elegant establishment, located in a beautiful two-story building, lit by thousands of lights. Nightclub Scala - is the largest and most expensive institution in London, re-opened in 1999, six years after the Scala theater became bankrupt and was closed. The building was converted cinema, which housed the lounge, a Dj, dance floor, on the first floor is a lounge and Dj-booth.

Under roof of the club Scala perform all sorts of alternative bands. On the club's website you can see a detailed list of upcoming events that will be held in Scala. It can be enjoyed on request in the on-line tickets to any of the representations. If necessary, on the club's website Scala can subscribe to the newsletter.

Really nice venue, very close to Kings X station. Quite small, but access to the bar was horoshim.Nyuton Faulkner was amazing, as usual :). We have seen Bush's Rock. The sound was great, but the view is close to the mixing unit, where we were obstructed views. Everywhere else was great. The venue seemed to be large enough to have a great crowd, but close enough to actually see the performers.

my friend said: Good sound system, Good view, the only thing is the orientation of the venue Which Makes it look packed than ...

Address: 275 Pentonville Road, King's Cross, London N1 9NL
Tel.: 020 7833 2022
FC / DC: Saturdays only
Hours of operation: Refer to the schedule on the website

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