NightClub Shoreditch House / London

Night club Shoreditch House - London is a private club located in the heart of Shoreditch near station Liverpool Street.

On the ground floor establishments accept incoming guests and check their availability membership club card. Then they go to the elevator to one of the floors of the night club Shoreditch House, which provides visitors with a wealth of entertainment and leisure.On the fourth floor has a spacious bar and bowling alley. The fifth floor of the club - the main one. Here are a lounge and dressing room, sauna and steam room, gym and spa, a bar and a games room, a restaurant and room for banquets.

Different areas of the club Shoreditch House are ideal for a wide variety of events, from birthday celebrations to organize official meetings and dinners.On the roof of the nightclub is shestnadtsatimetrovy heated swimming pool, bar, restaurant and lounge.

I'll be honest, the shiny black building with solitary bouncer and limited queue unnerved me; were we at a strip club instead of a nightclub? Assuring the group this was the place, we headed in. As you cross the door the bass hits you and having paid the £10 entry fee we opened a second door and boom...there was the club we had hoped for. The room is essentially one big dance floor with the DJs on a platform on the left (as you walk in) and a semi circle bar hugging all of the right hand side. There is military netting on the ceiling and with an already lowish ceiling you really feel cocooned in; a full on sensorial clubbing experience.
Amazingly there is also an upstairs roof terrace, unfortunately (for me) ruined by lots of smokers but a large outside terrace is a lovely touch to have, for that much needed break from dancing.

When we arrived the place was pretty full already with a crowd there simply to forget the outside world and get taken in by the bass.

Address: Ebor Street, London, E1 6Aw, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 020 7749 4530

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