The Hoxton Pony Club / London

English nightclub The Hoxton Pony - this is a popular and attractive facility that is ideal for anyone who loves music and relaxation "on all cylinders". The Hoxton Pony interior is filled with well-lit mirrors, in one of the walls of the room stands a huge statue.The restaurant nightclub The Hoxton Pony dominated stewed meat, vegetables and even jellied eels. Cocktail menu is very diverse - it is the son of Salvatore Calabrese cocktail guru

Here you can hear not only the French or Italian music, but also songs that are performed in Spanish or English. They sound in the style of ska, soul, pop and electronics. In a nightclub The Hoxton Pony you find only the best service, dancing until dawn, amazing lighting and music tracks, popular all over the world.

I went here for a friends birthday bash. Nice place, not too busy, trendy atmosphere, friendly bar staff. The area has been hired out to where we were offered table service for drinks. The drinks took about fifteen minutes to get to us, until all were served at the bar. Then we were charged 12.5% ​​service for each order. Friendly waitress apologized for the long wait time, but then it happened again and again. In the end everything just went to the bar instead, as it was quicker and cheaper. 

There is no point offering table service, if it works out much slower and more expensive for the client - not bespokoyatsya.Tsena drinks reasonable, and they have a great range of cocktails available, made ​​by the competent bartenders. All in all, this place is ok for just the night, probably would not go again though as not many charater. Do not get table service!

Address: 104-108 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AH, United Kingdom
Tel.: 020 7613 2844

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