Crobar vs Pacha who is Better ?


I came to New York two years ago, and I say so fortunate to witness with their own eyes how the new club-star eclipses the other club-star. 2005-2006, at the peak of popularity was CROBAR, opened in 2003. The club, who for two years held the top spot in the list of the best clubs in the Big Apple. Indeed, funky club. Gained popularity very quickly. The total area of ​​the club 30,000 sq. ft., includes 3 buildings, occupies an entire block. The main dance floor - 930 sq m, sound system Phazon cost about a million dollars, lighting effects also deserve special attention. In general, all the club was good. Everyone knew that this club is tough to get in, that the public is there a decent, no youngsters, but the real movers and music lovers. TOP DJs like Sasha, Deep Dish, Victor Calderone, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, and Sander Kleinenberg and only the best and most talented local play their music for the guests of the club. Crobar New York called unbeatable!

For the time being ...

In December 2005, the former site of Sound factory with Skandakov opens PACHA, when the right to open the police arrived. (What could be better than a good scandal to talk about the club started?? ;) Resident and sovladelets Club - Erick Morillo, DJ from around the world. After several years of successful international brand in Ibiza, it was decided to open another representative of a huge family Pacha-clubs in New York. By area, Pacha is not inferior to Crobar, the same 30,000 square feet. Located on four levels. Top international DJs and local talent Mixes his music in the walls of the club. Did not have to happen in the other 25 Pashah around the world, but New York certainly impressive. One notable detail of the club: a pair of sexy girls and sexy wash each other in a glass shower. Although I have this piece long before New York had seen in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk club Labyrinth. Certainly not a new idea, if anyone knows about where she went, share your thoughts :)

Thanks logical marketing campaign, Pacha as fast prelued popularity, stepping on the heels of the invincible Crobar. On the Internet there are articles such as this one. In addition, it is known that if a resident of the club will be a man robs a crowd of 5-6 thousand people, the popularity and the club provided a good income. Lure for Pacha, I think that was a DJ BORIS. In April 2006, at the world's leading nightlife resurce appear online interview with Boris. Here is an excerpt from it.

Pacha in the former Sound Factory is run by your long-time friend, Rob Fernandez, and I know that you have a lot of friends who work there. Has anyone from Pacha tried to steal you away from Crobar?

I'm really happy at Crobar; they treat me really well. I have a lot of wonderful friends at Pacha, including Rob Fernandez, with whom I've done a lot of ventures together. We're still doing monthly Asseteria parties together at Show. But, I'm a really loyal person. I'll be loyal to the people who've stuck by me and supported me. Rob is still one of my closest friends, but I'm staying loyal to Crobar, for now, because they treat me so well.

Still, at the end of 2006, reasons unknown to us ;) resident Crobar DJ Boris is one of the best DJs in New York City and America goes to work in Pacha, it becomes a resident. By this time, Pacha catching, if not surpass, by popularity Crobar.

Then it became clear that there will be some changes.

And now, at the beginning of February, we all know that Crobar sold. (They say, sold for debts). The new owners changed the name of the club, the interior, and on February 17 the official opening of the club STUDIO MEZMOR :)

Naturally, everything is as it should be.

Lovers of quality electronic music will be remembered with love Crobar. I think he will remain in the history of the iconic club, as well as Studio 54, which are still asking the tourists who come to New York, not knowing that the club was closed in 1986.

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