Jazz House Club / Copenhagen

Jazz House - a legendary jazz nightclub Copenhagen. It is quite popular among the residents of the city, despite its narrow musical direction.Jazz House - this is the best Danish club where almost every evening concerts featuring the world's best jazz musicians. In the evenings, the club Jazz House can plunge into the music style swing, which is executed at the highest level, or listen to contemporary jazz, full of unique and original improvisations. In the summer, the club held Scandinavian Jazz House Jazz Festival.

Copenhagen has a thriving jazz scene and this institution has long been at the centre of it. An eclectic, imaginative programme has high-quality concerts most evenings, showcasing Danish and international musicians.

The live music ends at around midnight, after which, at weekends, the DJs boot up for a disco, with a mixed, up-for-it crowd getting down to soul, funk, and pop until the small hours. The club has a reputation for flirtiness, so those up for getting friendly with the locals are in the right place. The city’s leading jazz spot, featuring top Danish musicians and international performers. The music runs the gamut from bebop to fusion jazz, and there’s a large dance floor that usually fills after live gigs on weekends

Leon - Get Here at the Copenhagen Jazz House


Address: Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10, Copenhagen
Website: http://www.jazzhouse.dk

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