Volksgarten / Vienna

Austrian nightclub Volksgarten has existed for many decades. To this day nightclub Volksgarten known and respected worldwide for its concerts in live performance and interesting parties.In 2006, the club was renovated and turned into a place for corporate and cultural events. Club rental is provided for this purpose. Design Night Volksgarten institution is in line with current trends and club fashion.

On weekdays, there's music 70's hits and reggae, and on weekends - hip-hop. On summer weekends on the sundeck of the club you can hear popular hits of 50's and 60's. The club will be comfortable for each Volksgarten's visitors, because the program is intended for any institution public and different preferences.

The Volksgarten is a dance club in the heart of Vienna, named after the park by the same name which is just around the corner from the club.
Generally there is a different music genre each night, but the club is normally pretty upbeat. One unique feature is the dance floor with a roof that opens so that you can dance under the stars when the weather is good.
The venue also includes the Volksgarten Pavilion, a garden which is great in the summer and gives views towards the Hofburg Imperial Palace.
The club is pretty up market, and as such, drinks here are more expensive than the Vienna average.

Adress: Burgring 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 (0) 1 / 532 42 41

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