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If you are even slightly familiar with the culture of the club, the club Fabric pass you just can not. It was his authoritative magazine DjMag in 2008 set the first line of its top best clubs in the world, where it has overtaken even the best clubs in Ibiza's Space and Amnesia (second and third place, respectively).Fabric puts it on the music selection offered at the club. On three dance floors, fairly straightforward called «№ 1», «№ 2" and «№ 3" for the evening can play up to two dozen musicians, three of whom are bound to be world stars like Carl Cox (Carl Cox) or the Chemical Brothers. Despite the inspiring respect lineup, Fabric never differs foppery. 

NightClub Fabric is the club that most party people come to see in London, with good reason. Club is Located in a former meatpacking warehouse, it's gained a well-deserved reputation as the capital's very biggest and famous club. He's line-ups are legendary – Fridays belong to the power bass: guaranteed highlights include atractive DJ Hype, who takes over all three rooms once a month for his drum 'n' bass and dubstep night Playaz, and Switch and Sinden's Get Familiar party starter is a sell-out every other month. Saturdays descend into techy, minimal, deep music house territory, with the world's very famous DJs regularly making appearances. 

Fabric made its name championing underground talents such as Ricardo Villalobos and Ellen Alien who have stayed loyal to the club and their spin-off label. But be warned – the queues are also legendary – blag your way on to the guestlist or buy tickets in advance unless you want a three-hour wait.

There is no strict face control and lush interior - on the contrary, the design of the club is different purely European minimalistic and almost all allowed here.

Address: 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 3HN;
Tel: +44 (0) 207 336 8898
FC / DC: The dress code is specific: in jeans and sneakers you start up, and in an evening dress or suit probably sent home to change clothes. Because Fabric people come first dance.

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