NightClub Sankeys / Manchester

Sankeys - the world's best club in 2010 by the magazine DJ Mag. People come here to party clubbers from all over the UK and Europe, who are attracted to the club a terrific sound system and incredible lighting.

Sankeys for today - it's three unique sensory Hall, many of the stars of the electronic scene, playing techno and drum and bass, trance and electro-house. Already planned major expansion of the club and the gradual reconstruction during which the club will continue to operate, arguing that it is not by chance was the best.

"This is an electrically, it's alive, it's something new, and passion runs through every corner of the club," said Greg Vickers, who paved his way from obichno boy to set the resident DJ (at one time he was playing every week for three years) and the main the role of the right hand of Vincent.

Serious clubbers first of all pay attention to the details, but here is inherent in all that now Sankeys is a crystalline clear system of Phazon: many discos, LED lights, outdoor cinema, artillery nitrogen (the only one of its kind in the UK), and the elimination of the queue bar code entry system, all solutions to the unique innovations that make Sankeys more than just a standard evening on Saturday.
But no matter how many settings, updates, enhancements, or it is exposed, Sankeys never loses its root essence.

Address: Radium Street, M4 6AY Manchester, United Kingdom

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