Vega Club / Copenhagen

Nightclub Vega - the largest of all the leisure facilities in Copenhagen, pleasing more than 12 years for its parties and concerts. It is very popular among the Danish public and tourists.Design Club Vega with time almost unchanged and remains true to its retro style. Vega club has two dance halls - big, designed for 1,500 guests, and a small, accommodating 500 people. To service the audience and visiting musicians in the club Vega provides 12 bars.

In 2009, Vega nightclub visited by more than 150,000 people. Entertainment institution has been recognized by the international music magazine Live as the best institution which carries out large-scale music concerts. Each year the club Vega takes about 250 concerts and events of this kind, where you can hear the most diverse music, ranging from rock and hip-hop, and to electronics and pop music. The club Vega often serve international stars such as David Bowie (David Bowie), Bjork (Bjork), Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) and popular European Dj.

Vega is so much more than just a music venue. They have two concert halls, one large and one small. Many artists, and Danish and international, come here to perform. In addition, there is also a night club! And the bar! This is - everything you could ever want in one single place. The only bad thing is that the drinks are quite expensive, especially after paying the entrance as well. But other than that, a nice cozy place with amazing people.

Address: Enghavevej 40, Copenhagen

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