VIP Room Club / Paris

The atmosphere is a solid hip-hop and R'n'B, chicks and B-boys. Here were the presentation of the album Take That and Madonna (Madonna). Of recent events - afterparty concert of 50 Cent. Design fiction is so pathetic, that at first did not know whether or not there at all the people - and all so shiny and plays like in the 70s. At the entrance of all forty minutes. Similar clubs operate in Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

The members’ only club is located in the heart of the famous and most beautiful avenue in the world. Inside, rich colours and opulent textures surround the space, with stunning examples of French rococo furniture and baroque styling. The VIP Room’s unique reputation ensures that anyone who chooses the venue for business or pleasure, is guaranteed to convey sophistication, charm and elegance to their guests.

Located on a beautiful avenue of the world, this club is famous not only fashionable interior with refined furnishings in the Baroque style. Here you will meet the most famous people in show business and sports that are considered mandatory in its output in the VIP ROOM, even if they are passing through Paris for just one day. The unique atmosphere, hip music, excellent service and the opportunity to meet celebrities from around the world have made the club the most prestigious place for a night out on the Champs Elysees. Strict Face Control.

Loved this place - we were the first club to another that specialized in house music and was a full 10 years (Le Social, if you're interested). We decided that we thought somewhere with better music and clientele, so made his way to the VIP-room at about 2:30 am. What can I say - the music was great, ranging from classics like Oasis to the current popularity to rap. The club has been at the center of a rotating carousel with dancers and a giant panda costume was even a guy. I honestly have never seen so many good looking people in one place, so if you are an unmarried lady in Paris or not (like me) and just how to dress and dance the night away, you will not be disappointed here. The locals are very friendly. 

The only negative that I draw is the price of the drinks - 20 € for a vodka and cranberry, but this is up there with London clubs and high-end is not unheard of. We had a fair few glasses of wine before venturing out of our apartments and a few tequilas in the previous location, so I weigh more importance on the quality of the music and the atmosphere.

Address: 188 bis rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris
Tel.: +33 1 56 69 16 6
Opening hours: Thu-Sat 00:00-6:00

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