NightClub Magie's / London

Small nightclub Maggie's established in London in honor of Margaret Thatcher's two friends Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling. It is not surprising that the interior design, and its decor, and reigning in the club style kitsch - everything fits era 80s.

The interior of the nightclub Maggie's beautiful fit sofas leopard-skin on one of the walls placed a painted mural depicting various icons.In the bar of the club Maggie's possible to taste quite original drinks, such as vodka with lime juice, pomegranate and guava. On each bottle of liquor you can see the brand label «Maggi».Maggie's - pretty cool club. It will appeal to those who want a relaxing holiday with friends or prefers to communicate in a fairly chamber atmosphere. Here you can hear not only the music of the '80s, but also modern pop tunes by various artists that sound usually after 01.00 until closing night entertaining institution Maggie's.

The fee for membership in the club starts from £ 1,750 per child. For the extra money you can get additional privileges: 100 visits during the year, any time, any day, with an unlimited number of recreational activities, it is worth £ 6,000 a year. For early birds, from 9 am to 14 membership fee of £ 2,500 for the first child, plus £ 2,000 for a 1 - of a brother or sister, £ 1500 for the second brother or sister, third, and all the other brothers and sister for free. 

Premium option, which includes a visit to the club at any time and with an unlimited number of guests is £ 4,000 a year for the first child, £ 3,500 for the second child, £ 2,500 for the third, all the other kids go free. Price does not include the services of nannies, governesses, personal trainer and food.

Address: 329 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QL
Tel.: 020 7352 8512
Hours of operation: Mon. 22.30 - 02.30, Sat. - Fri. 22.30 - 03.30

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