NightClub Maya / London

Opened in September 2007. Maya is kind of the London residence of New York - quite simple, no fibs design, emphasis on a good sound-system, funk-and electro-hits. It played Juliette & The Licks, Florence and the Machine, participants Duran Duran and Daft Punk. The winner of the "Best New Club" in the London Club and Bar Awards 2008. Located in the basement. Website store clippings from journals with pictures of stars, seen here.

On a small dance floor fits a lot of people who seem to not care about who performs on stage. In Maya there is no time for idle chatter. Couple minutes trying to order another cocktail and again on the dance floor.

It is always good weather. That is, the sky can be poured rain or shine the sun - it does not matter. Because Maya - a combination of doors and racks bars: you move from one drinking-club-room to another, as if one room is a large communal apartment to another. And this apartment - not a private, not personal: it is a communal apartment, and if you regularly look in Maya, you finally know all of their neighbors. Scandals and hugs, hatred and passion, lies and honesty - too Municipal, readily available, do not know the secrets.

Address: 1A Dean Street W1D 3RB London
Tel.: 020 287 9608
Opening hours: Thu-Sat 22:00-3:30

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