Best NightClub Paradiso from Amsterdam

Paradiso - pop podium, club and cultural center in one. His full name - "Space Center relaxation Paradiso».The club is housed in an old church and focuses on music in the style of house and techno, folk, reggae and blues. It consists of a concert hall with a dance floor, video halls, small rooms, several small bars and cafes. And very much like human beings, prone to ekstravantnosti, creative people from all over the Europe. A concert hall for 1,500 people. Small hall for 250 people.

In Paradiso performed by David Bowie, Prince and "Rolling Stones".For all of the speakers in the club, there is one unequivocal rule. The first performance is spent in the small hall. It was only after the success here can look forward to a concert in the main hall. 

In addition, the Small Hall is a haven for eccentric musicians who never get to the big hall of the club. But, in the meantime, interesting for some of the audience Paradiso. During the year in Paradiso hosts many festivals of electronic music, poetry, and media arts, fashion shows, demonstrations, films and live performances of musicians.

Address: Wetteringchans 6-8
Tel.: (020) 624 17 77

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