NightClub Panama / Amsterdam

As a former power station is five minutes from the central station located elite entertainment complex that includes a clubhouse, restaurant and theater. On weekends, playing quite a variety of music, from electro and house to latin. You can meet and Dj with a worldwide reputation - In the club great sound and light. The audience there is a solid, older school-age - a nice place for those who have passed the 25-year mark, because in order to spend the night often requires a fat wallet. Cloakroom WC - are paid.

Cultural, a popular place in the stylish area of ​​Amsterdam, only five minutes from the central station. Here you can enjoy the theater, a nightclub, a bar, the studio and RESTAURANT, where there are also a range of specialties and Mediterranean cuisine. A visit to Panama is associated with the intersection of different styles, cultures, music and art.

This upscale entertainment complex takes care of a host of nighttime needs, including dining, dancing, and even theater-going. On weekend evenings, DJs regale patrons with music that could range from electro and house to Latin, and the atmosphere resonates with energy and merriment. Panama's clientele has a tendency to be a bit older than the college age norm, a boon for those who've passed the quarter-century mark. They also tend to have fatter wallets which a night here requires.

Address: Oostelijke handelskade 4;
Tel.: +31 (0) 20 311 86 86
FC / DC: business-casual
Open: Mon-Sun: 18.00-2.00

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